What's this I hear about a sticker?

The Bike Benefits 1½” x 1” all-weather helmet sticker is your ticket to discounts and rewards at various stores, restaurants and businesses in US cities. It affixes to your helmet and you show it when you visit businesses on bike.

Can I purchase one helmet sticker?

Yes, simply visit one of the participating businesses that participate in your community. We indicate which locations sell them with a little icon next to their listing. Orders by mail require a minimum of five stickers. To order stickers online, visit our Shop, but we encourage visiting one of the Bike Benefit Business Members in your town and get your helmet sticker right away.

Can I use my Bike Benefits sticker in other cities and states?

Definitely. That's how the program is designed. One day the Bike Benefits helmet sticker will enable you to get deals from Maine to California . The more you spread the word of the program, the faster it will grow. To help spearhead the program in your city contact us.

Does the sticker expire?

No. If you change helmets or your sticker becomes unrecognizable, we can mail you a new one but we'll probably ask you to do something for us...it'll be something to help improve biking in your community.

Can I ride my motorcycle, moped, or walk with my helmet to businesses and get deals?

You are missing the point. No bicycle, no benefit. Sorry guys. Bicycles are currently the most vulnerable and underutilized method of getting around. We want to change that. Join us by embracing the world on two wheels!

How do I know which businesses are participating in Bike Benefits?

Look for Bike Benefit member stickers on storefronts or go to your city's page to find out who's on the roster. Don't see your favorite store? Ask them to join! If you visit a place that is listed but doesn't honor your Bicycle Benefits (or have stickers), please inform us so we can get in touch with them.

How can I get more businesses and my community involved in the program?

Become a champion in your area and spread the Bike Benefits love. Work with us to come up with a plan and become part of a growing force to improve bicycling in your area. Most individuals and organizations will purchase "business start-up packs" from us at a discounted rate and bring them around their area and resell them to interested businesses, thus making it easier for them to get started. You will find the greatest success in getting your favorite businesses to join through speaking to an owner or submitting a comment card.