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Want to see Bicycle Benefits in your city or town? We do too!

We invite you to become ambassadors and spread the program to the residents and business community where you live. All the Bicycle Benefits programs have been brought to life by individuals, organizations, schools and city departments. Create something new and exciting in your area!

Best Practices:
If starting a local Bicycle Benefits chapter from scratch

• Order start-up packs. Scroll down and order the supplies that will be redistributed to the business community or individuals in your community.

• Sign-up businesses. Make visits to the businesses by bike and ask them to join. Finding times when you can speak face to face with the owner(s) is most often the only way you will get the "Yes" or even a response. Explain how it works (link) and show them sample posters from other cities (link). Ensuring that the discounts and rewards that the businesses offer are substantial will get people excited about the program and help make the program great. We find the "2 for 1"'s, "20% Off" and "Free item" offers work best. What kind of offers would make someone want to leave their car at home and bike to the store or cafe? We only allow the "5% Off" if it's a grocery store that will be experiencing high volume with the program.

• Kick-off the program. preferably with a community bike ride or event, that showcases the participating businesses. Make posters, or distribution materials and spread the word to everyone through outreach in your community. Most everyone rides a bike sometimes or knows someone who does. Be all inclusive with your outreach. Bicycle Benefits is for everyone.

• Keep going! Don't just start a Bicycle Benefits program. Own it! The program will grow over time but only if you check in with the businesses community regularly (keeping them supplied with signage and stickers), keep the list of business participants active and continue to give the program some love. Creating a regular ride where you visit participating business, is a great way to sustain and grow the program. Invite EVERYONE on these rides. For more detailed information & resources, click here

For bulk ordering-organizations, schools, or non-retail companies.

• Order stickers. that will be used for bulk distribution to students, members of your organization or people in your group or community.

• Decide how you will be able to give value to the stickers in a way where the recipients understand the value of the sticker/program as well as "how it works"

• Promote on your site and through other materials of distribution.

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