Our team

Aside from the many individuals and businesses that have helped turned this idea into reality, Bicycle Benefits wouldn’t be possible without those who are currently volunteering numerous hours in the pursuit of putting more people on bikes.
Helmets off to the heart of our team!

Naty Natalia Esteban… Likes to smile, walk in the mountains, ride bikes, make friends and talk with people that have other points of view.
Favorite Book: Uttermost Part of the Earth (by Lucas Bridges)
Favorite Animal: Dogs.
Favorite Food: Milanesas and Dulce de leche.
Wayne Wayne Kleppe…likes music and loves blues.
Book: I just finished reading three books: Franz Kolka (collected work), Pablo Neruda (selected poem) and Sal Si Puedes (a semi-biography of Cesar Chavez).
Favorite Food: can eat everything!.
Dillon Dillon Klepetar… Likes to fly fish, play guitar and drink mates. Currently working on his Ph.D. in Political Science at American University.
Favorite Book: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (by Dee Brown).
Favorite Animal: Red FoxFavorite
Food: Japanese Knotweed and Knedliky.
Ian Ian Klepetar… Likes to drink mate and falling into adventures with less than predictable outcomes.
Favorite Book: Walden (by Henry David Thoreau).
Favorite Animal: Mountain Goats.
Favorite Food: Chipas on a mountainside.
Joanne Joanne Klepetar… Sets the bar high for mothers everywhere in her 6 mile bicycle commute to town where she works in the local scene in bringing bicycles into people’s lives. Joanne is heavily involved in the Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network and enjoys backyard gardening, construction projects, tennis playing and sewing projects in her free time.
Favorite Book: anything by Barbara Kingsolver.
Favorite Animal: dogs.
Favorite Food: buttered popcorn.
Dan Dan Dean… Likes to play guitar, drums, bass, and sing (not all at the same time).
Favorite Food: Peace is Every Step – Thich Nhat Hanh.Favorite Animal: Alpacas, though zonkies are a close second.
Favorite Book: Anything straight from the garden.
Pam Pamela Murray – Charlotte, NC… Tries to get everyone on a bike by inviting them to the Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride (PMTNR). I ride everywhere all the time.
Favorite Book: “Pedaling Revolution” by Jeff Mapes.Favorite Bike: Rivendell Betty Foy.
Michelle Michelle Bachaus – NE, Wisconsin… Loves to live life, enjoying new experiences and helping people feel the energy and freedom of adventure. Favorite way to cook is over an open fire. Can eat more ice cream than anyone!
Nicholas Nicholas Hardrath – Milwaukee, Wisconsin… Nicholas is closely connected to the local social and competitive cycling scene in Milwaukee. He enjoys road riding, cyclocross, mountain biking, fat bike riding and social rides. He also commutes to work year round most days via the Oak Leaf trial. When not riding his bike Nicholas splits his time between graphic design, social media and building furniture.
Lidia Lidia – Walla Walla, Washington… Lidia...loves encouraging people to go places by bicycle rather than by car. Let's keep it healthy and fun!
FAVORITE BOOK: "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"
FAVORITE ANIMAL: my Schipperke dog
FAVORITE FOOD: Wood-fired pizza
Kurt Kurt – Walla Walla, Washington… Kurt...likes to ride bikes! Whether commuting to work or long rides in the beautiful country around Walla Walla, it's always fun! It's been great bringing Bicycle Benefits to Walla Walla and seeing it encourage more to ride.
FAVORITE BOOK: A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Dog's, especially those who don't chase cyclists!