Our Partners

We are so grateful to all of the individuals, organizations, and businesses that have helped us on our mission to resist the and car-centric societies. By encouraging and rewarding the regular practice of healthy transportation in our communities you help us to build a movement that enriches our planet as well as one another. To all of our Bicycle Benefits Businesses members, to every cyclist who currently sports a Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker and to those that keep us inspired and motivated to keep the pedals turning every day, we say thank you. In addition, we would like to give a shout out to the larger entities that have helped us out in a big way.

cyclingsavvy_logo From fear to freedom. Cycling Savvy is educating and empowering new and seasoned riders with a fresh new toolbox of skills and know-how to effectively navigate today's transportation network. Don't feel comfortable riding your city's streets? Sign up for one of their classes www.cyclingsavvy.org/
bikeleage_logo The League of American Bicyclists is a proud supporter of Bicycle Benefits. The League is America's independent advocacy group for all bicyclists, no matter how they ride. From Federal Advocacy, to the flagship Bicycle Friendly America program, to the Smart Cycling education curriculum, the League is building a Bicycle Friendly America from coast to coast. Join the League and get your free Bicycle Benefits sticker at www.bikeleague.org/join
Once Again - We spread integrity Keeping us dry and keeping us lit are just a couple of the many reasons we like Planet Bike. A socially responsible company made up of folks who “ride the ride” instead of “talk the talk”. 25% of profits go towards improving conditions for biking and 100% of heart and soul go into their products that we pass on to Bicycle Benefits Businesses Members of the month. http://planetbike.com/page/
Looking to pedal beyond your city limits? Looking for inspiration, maps and assistance in exploring America by bike? Located in Missoula, MT and working with heart and soul to create fun, fitness and self-discovery through bicycle travel…www.adventurecycling.org
Besides a bike, tent and a sleeping bag…a 9 lb. tub of Once Again sunflower butter is about all you need for a x-country bike trip. The best nut butters the world has to offer…keeping it real, keeping it natural…keeping our engines fueled http://onceagainnutbutter.com/
clif We are in quite a few cities and though they are all very different, there are some things that never change. Two things that we can count on are 1. Great on the move energy food from Clif and 2. The never ending support of the Clif bar company when it comes to supporting the bicycle community and the simple act of riding a bike…thanks for making our job more fun and energizing! http://www.clifbar.com/
Bern-Logo Would we like to have a helmet on if we crashed? Heck yeah? Do you need to put your Bicycle Benefits on your helmet? That’s how it works! We love the Bern company because they are a group of awesome people doing awesome things and have helped make biking cooler than it was when most of us were born. Your head is the most valuable thing you´ve got. Protect it! http://bernunlimited.com/